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I'm a children's author and the creator of the 'Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes' books - life giving and life affirming stories for children.


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Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery

There are strange things happening in the lives of Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes.


Who is the mysterious and grumpy man who has moved into the house opposite Kolo?

Why is Coach Kato behaving so differently?

Who is the stranger they are secretly talking to?


And what has all this got to do with the Mighty Mangoes, the upcoming football tournament, and Mango Park?


In this new adventure, Kolo and his friends must seek answers to these and many other questions during a time of suspicion and rumours, and where things are not always as they seem.



The Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes books are aimed at 9-12 year olds but have also been enjoyed by both younger and older readers.
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Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes


Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery



Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes is a brilliantly engaging story that will not only capture the minds of its readers, but also teach valuable life lessons. The questions at the end of each chapter help the reader to examine their own decision making and behaviour, and ultimately provide a great way for them to develop positive character building.
Sports Presenter, Author, Podcaster

[Kolo and the Mango Park Mystery is] a fantastic story full of humour, twists and turns, and ultimately of valuable life lessons... Not only is this a great book for children, but it’s perfect for schools and football clubs.”


Founder and Leader, Oasis Global.

A great story run through with so many vital moments of learning that will definitely help children to focus on who they are and who they are becoming. And yes - It may well have been written for young readers, but Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes is a story that can help all of us to think about all those ‘vital moments’ we have every day where we get to choose what kind of person we want to be.
Ethos and Formation Director, Oasis UK.


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I'm the Global Coordinator of Oasis Football for Life, and work to support the implementation, development and resourcing, of 'football for development' projects around the world.

I'm passionate about community transformation, and supporting positive emotional, physical and social development in children and youth.
I have lived and worked in Uganda, India, North America and South Africa, and currently live in UK, where away from work and writing, I enjoy running, reading and playing football.



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