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Jovi's Jumper

Jovi Jones may seem like an ordinary boy, but every day feels like a battle for him. Living in a family that struggles to make ends meet, he's constantly worried about what others think of him.


But when it comes to playing dodgeball, Jovi shines. The thrill of the game and the companionship with his teammates make it all worth it. Dodgeball is his life; it’s his escape, his passion, his reason for living.


That is, until Mason Doyle joins the team. Mason makes Jovi's life a living nightmare. And with the annual dodgeball tournament approaching, Jovi must fight to secure his spot on the team.


Just when things seem hopeless, Jovi comes upon a strange old jumper, and everything starts to change. Along with his best friend, Tom Whiteside, Jovi embarks on a magical and thrilling adventure that tests his strength and courage and teaches him what truly matters in life.

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