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About Dave Caswell

I'm the author of four children's book and I'm passionate about seeing children and young people develop positive character formation, and make wise and healthy life choices. My books reflect this passion and are designed to not only be engaging and fun, but also to stimulate thought and discussion regarding behaviour and life choices.

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My Story

I have worked within the area of International Community Development since 2004, and have a Masters Degree in Intercultural Studies, with a concentration in ‘Children at Risk’. I have lived and worked in Uganda, India, North America, and South Africa, at various levels of project management and leadership. 


My work has allowed me to combine a number of my passions - football, community development, and children's and youth work, and I've developed and run numerous football projects as a means of supporting community and personal transformation around the world.


I currently work as the Global Coordinator of Oasis Football for Life, supporting the implementation, development, and resourcing of ‘Football for Development’ projects across the global Oasis family.

I wrote my first children's book, "Kolo and the Mighty Mangoes", as a tool for helping children in Uganda think about positive character formation and to help equip them to make wise and healthy life choices. 


The book has been well received there, but also in the UK, particularly with schools and children's groups, where children have enjoyed exploring the discussion questions at the end of each chapter. 

Away from working and writing, I enjoy reading, running, walking, and playing football. 

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